Monday, 16 May 2016


Many years ago - and I  mean,  long enough for a substantial proportion of current users of the Internet to be in barely-verbal stage then - I noticed that I was forgetting some of the less memorable of All the Men I've Ever Had Sex With.  And so I decided to make a list,  and notes on each.  Before they disappear into the black hole of memory loss and oblivion.

I got myself a WordPress account and made a plan to,  well,  blog that list.

And that was it.  I never even made the first post.

The WordPress page eventually got used for other purposes, and 40+ pieces of smut posted on several erotica sites, three tumblr accounts,  a couple of T&C defying FB pages, and last but not least,  probably at least 10 Twitter accounts later,  I still don't really have a blog thing.

But I've been really enjoying reading some of the sex blogs of others recently,  in particular the wonderful diversity,  sexiness and sense of the Girl on the Net.

So I got inspired. Again.  And I'm going to start and see how it goes.

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