Tuesday, 20 September 2016


The kind of arousal, the kind of want, the kind of desire, the kind of greedy, almost furious lust that starts to border on need.

The kind of desire that makes me want to grab you the moment you step over the threshold, or even before that, and use you to satisfy that greed.

Not “use and abuse” you in a more or less elaborate fetishistic fantasy but use you simply because I’m hungry and you are there, and I don’t want to think of whether what I crave conforms to any notion of being used you might have as long as you let me do it.

And there is nothing slow and considered about what I do, or even fast and considered.

All there is is my hands on you, grabbing the items of clothing and pulling them off impatiently as I kick the door shut, shirt buttons flying when I rip it open, my fingers sliding under your belt, my knee between yours pressing into your groin, my mouth on your shoulders and neck,

get the fuck ready because I want it now

my left hand lands on your cock as the right one struggles with the zip, you stumble with your trousers around your ankles as I lead you through the door, your dick in my grip,

kick those fucking shoes off and strip will you boy

and you do as told without a word kneeling down to undo your shoelaces while I watch you from the sofa my feet on the edge of it my knees up and wide my hand already under my bunched skirt rubbing the damp silk into the hot flesh, pulling them off, your eyes looking up at me from the floor

c’mere slut

you shuffle closer expectantly looking at my feet dark red painted toes covered in thin nylon of charcoal grey holdups the wide lace bands high up on my thighs

come closer and open your slut mouth

the rolled panties get stuffed in your mouth half way through your moan and I pull you closer, my feet on your calves and my cunt touching your cock it twitches as it slides along the slick skin

give me your cock slut

muffled mumble through the silk in your mouth

yours yours

and I get hold of it, run it along my slit, in circles around my clit,

and take you inside, deep and tight, my back arched my legs crossed behind your back, pleasure dripping out of my body, spilling out onto you, my hips rotating my cunt throbbing squeezing you taking you deeper

moaning as I fuck you as I grab your ass as pull you towards me even deeper in and

oh my god oh fuck fuck fuck so good boy

ohhh fuck yes

my cunt contracting hard not coming but just there, squeezing the pleasure spreading it like a thick layer of opalescent grey shimmering oblivion just under my skin you will not come until I have had enough of this even though at times it feels like it will never be enough and what then

my eyes closed and although I’m still somewhat aware of your panting and movements all I can care about now is the pleasure I take from you

the flashes waves and eruptions the slower tides and ebbs underneath each punctuated by my moans sighs groans barely articulated words whispered hissed shouted screamed


my ankles on your shoulders now my feet behind your neck my fingers clawing your ass digging into your flesh pulling you in with each thrust of yours of mine

and I want more and I want you to crawl deeper until I take you all and


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