Monday, 5 June 2017

Unseen (2)

The room was pitch black but I was blindfolded anyway. I was face down, my forehead on the wooden floor, still quite erect, my cock touching my stomach, pre-cum slipping against me. My body was folded up completely, my chest compressed, making it harder to breathe. I considered lifting up a little to take in a couple deep breaths, but it felt like that would be cheating and I wanted to do this right. I thought of M telling me what a good slut I was for being so obedient to her instructions.

After about ten minutes, my cock started to go soft. I say ten minutes, but I was still quite unable to judge time in my state. My back started to cramp up. My knees started to ache. It was getting uncomfortable and desperately wanted to stand and stretch. I had barely slept at all, couldn't relax on the plane. Truthfully though, nothing was too much yet. Adrenalin was fuelling me and would continue to do so for awhile.

Footsteps would approach the door. Sometimes I'd think they were slowing or stopping to come in. I imagined hearing the door handle move, the door open. Or maybe I didn't imagine it. Maybe someone was in here right now. In the dark, I'd never know if someone were quiet enough.

I lay there. And lay there. And lay there. It had to have been thirty minutes by now. Usually when I'm still for this length of time, my mind will run clear and I'll receive comfort and clarity. Not today. My thoughts were bouncing all over the place, I had no ability to direct them.

Then, the door opened. I was sure of it this time. Footsteps, slow, then stopped, then the door closed. I opened my eyes wide behind the scarf, anticipating the lights to come on. It was silent. For a painfully long time. Was it her? Was M really standing behind me? Holy shit, holy shit, holy SHIT! My heart was racing, I began breathing in short frantic breaths. I was shaking.

Silence. Silence that lasted for a good three minutes. I started thinking that my mind was really fucking with me now. No one had walked in at all.

Then, a click. And light. Shit.

Another excruciating pause. I hear something being placed on the floor, then the sound of a zipper. Either the slowest or the longest zipper I've ever heard. Then footsteps approach and stop behind me. I can hear breathing.

Another pause and then the footsteps go around my left side, a body sliding down into the chair in front of me.


It's her. Yes. Oh God, it's her. I know her voice. I know it too well. Low, a little raspy. I can't even think. It's her. And we've done it. I've traveled 4,200 miles or whatever it is and now I'm on my knees in front of M. Hers. For real.

I hear the quick swish being made by something cutting through air briskly, followed by a sharp sting on my back.

"Lick, J."

I open my mouth and it's as dry as I can ever remember it. But I obey. I lift my head and tentatively move it forward until my mouth meets her leather boot. My cock has come back to life with the fastest erection I have ever experienced. I open my mouth wide and lap my flat tongue from the tip of the toe upward along the top side of the boot.

She makes a sudden noise of amusement. A giddy sound like a laugh. I moan and lick again. Another sting of the crop on the small of my back. "Mmm," she says, followed by another little laugh.

It feels like we've done this a thousand times.

Another swat on my ass. Then another. And another. About two seconds apart, and they're getting harder. The next one she gives me is really hard and I yelp. "DON'T." Swat "STOP." Swat "LICKING." Swat.

I flinch with the stinging pain of each one, but keep licking her boot. I'm moaning and really getting into it. The swats have stopped and I feel her hand touch my head, her fingers sliding into my hair. As expected, and as I want her to, she grips it firmly and guides me where she wants me. My mouth slides past the top edge of the boot. I can feel her skin, I can smell her. I want to move higher, I want to taste her, but she keeps my head down and clamps her knees together. I know that if I didn't have the blindfold on I'd be able to see up her skirt. My head is spinning.

She grabs my hair harder, pulls my away, tilting my head painfully back.  "Good boy, J. That will do for now," she says. "Do you remember where the coffee table is?"

"Yes, M."

"You'll go to the coffee table and lie face down on it. Lengthwise."

"Yes, M," I say and begin to rise.

"WAIT. Not yet. Head down," she releases my hair and pushes me downward. With that she unleashes a series of slaps on my ass with the crop, twenty or thirty. Really hard ones. I'm squirming, flinching, simultaneously yelping in pain and groaning with pleasure.

"There. Nice little fucking red ass you're getting," she says without stopping. "Look at you. What a slut. You're my slut now, J."

She stops and my whole back side feels hot and permanently stung. I hear her put the crop down on the desk. I hesitate for a second then and rise up slowly.

"Stand for me. I want to have a look at my cock."

I obey and stand straight up, arms at my side. She laughs again, a joyful giggle, and I feel her warm hand firmly grip my cock. She holds it and then tightens her grip uncomfortably, squeezing and pulling upward towards the tip. I feel her finger from her other hand slide onto the tip, slippery over a large collection of pre-cum.

"Pucker up." I purse my lips and she slides the pre-cum across them, dabbing it on. "There.  Slut lip gloss. Now, coffee table."

I tread carefully to the right, bending so that I can feel the table with my hands. I lie carefully on my stomach, my body slightly straddling the table. She walks across the room and I hear her rummaging through what I'm sure is a bag. Then she comes over and kneels in front of me.

I'm realizing that I really want to have this blindfold off now. I want to see her. Her face. Her lips. Her hair. Her fingers.

She pulls my left hand to the bottom of the table leg and I feel her wrapping smooth strong rope around my wrist. She secures it tightly, with a tug to make it even tighter and ties it. As I'm testing the fastness of the bond, she's working on my right one. I am moaning, even whimpering a little as she does. I feel her tighten and secure me with a knot and then I hear her walk behind me to my ankles. I pull hard on my wrists and find myself completely restrained. She repeats the process, securing both ankles.

I test everything again and I'm even more fucked than I just was. It's perfect. There's nothing I've ever wanted more then exactly this, and it's happening right now.

I hear her stand up and feel something on the top of my back. It's cool, soft and it covers most of the space below my neck between my shoulders. I can smell that it's leather. Lots of soft leather in narrow strips. She lifts it, moves gently over my skin in slow circles, then lifts it higher. I can hear her swishing it around just above me. I can feel the air moving onto my skin. Then she gains speed in a few twirls and lands it on me, a stinging feeling, but spread out. And softer somehow, if a sting can be soft. She does it again, first lightly, then harder and again, leaves the leather spread out across my back.

It hurts and feels glorious at the same time. She's swirling it on and off of me in a steady rhythm now, firm enough to make me squirm. One after the other and my back is burning all over. I'm shaking, almost shivering and moaning. She continues to swipe, keeping the same rhythm and I'm sinking, sinking down into a floaty, electric warmth.

Then, without warning, she stops, suddenly, "Okay, that'll do, J."

A jolt shoots through my body. I hear her walking away and then the sound of her putting the flogger into the bag and zipping it up.

"You'll have more instructions. I have to go now.''

"M?" I blurt out, "M, where are you going?"

I hear three brisk steps and she's suddenly on top of me, straddling my waist. Her hands on the burning sting left by the flogger, cool and dry. She leans down and kisses the nape of my neck. I can feel her hair falling onto my shoulders, her breathing fast, almost panting, but her voice steady.

"Shh," she whispers into my ear, "Be a good boy for me, J."

With that she lifts up off of me and strides purposefully out of the room, the light switched off, the muffled clang of the door closing behind her.


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  1. M sounds like she has the situation entirely in control. Hot story!

    Rebel xox