Thursday, 1 June 2017

Unseen (1)

A flashback. 

I didn't write this one, but it was written for me, a long time ago, so it's mine now. 


Outside of my window I noticed land as we began flying over England in our descent. My heart rate picking up fast as I realized that I was about to meet her. An overwhelming feeling, to know that within hours, we would be acting out all of our deepest fantasies together. There was risk, of course. We were pulling the veil away. The marvellous illusion that we had carried on virtually was about to come down.

I'd been told not to book a hotel. My only instructions were to get a shuttle and ask for Chris once I arrived. As I followed the signs from the terminal to the baggage claim, I found myself becoming quite aroused, my cock filling with blood and poking the front of my jeans quite visibly to any onlooker that might have glanced.

This was half of the buzz, I thought. The high of anticipation. It was only going to get stronger. I stopped in front of the bathroom with the thought of going in to compose myself and then thought better of it. This was why I was here, after all.

As the shuttle crawled deeper into the city, things became busier, more vibrant and I knew we must be getting close. My heartbeat rose, my vision began to fuzz a little around the edges. The shuttle took a left and then looped around to the right onto a one way street. Then veered off the street underneath a covered driveway in front of a cream colored building.

"Good God," I thought. "What in the absolute fuck have I done?" Before I had time to think about it, people were unloading themselves from the vehicle and I found myself joining them. In a trance, like under some otherworldly form of propulsion, I made my way to the reservation desk.

"Yes. Uh... I'm J? I'm here to see... Chris, please," I somehow stammered out to the pretty brunette at the counter. My cock was no longer hard, but I felt the wetness in my pants. I was nearly panicked with fear. My hands were shaking. I must have looked awful.

"Ahh, yes, of course. Yes, one moment, sir," she said in her English accent and smiled at me. "Hullo, Chris? Yes, there's a... What'd you say your name was, sir?"

"It's J." She knew perfectly well what my name was.

"Oh, yes. J!" she said and looked at me with what I thought were knowing eyes. Then she spoke more deliberately "There's a... J... here to see you." She paused as she listened to him, while looking me over with a slightly raised eyebrow. She was certainly in on something or up to something, and I felt like I was truly fucked.

"He'll be right with you. J."

"Thank you." I looked at her name tag and added with a smile, "Samantha."

"Take it in. Enjoy the feeling of this. This is rare, once in a lifetime. I'll never feel anything like this again," I thought to myself.

In a couple minutes that felt like an hour, a forty-something man with short, light brown hair came out of the door next to the registration desk. Our eyes met. "Chris?"

"Yes. Hello there, J," he said with a nod of his head in greeting. "Come this way please."

I slung my bag over my shoulder and breathed heavily as followed him across the small waiting area into an unmarked door. Beyond, a good sized office, with wood panelling, a large desk with a big leather chair behind it and a smaller one in front. There were paintings on the walls and a leather couch on the far wall to the right with an empty coffee table in front of it. It was a richly colored room with no windows.

"Please wait here. You are to place your bag in front of the closet door here," he said pointing to the door on the near wall. "Have a seat," he said motioning to the chair in front of the desk.

"Thank you," I said as he briskly exited the room, closing the door behind him.

Now what? I wondered. I heard women's voices outside the door followed by "Oh, I know, I know?" Then more laughing and the sound of steps as they walked past. The room felt warm and I looked around to try and pass the time. I could feel sweat beads under my arms, my hands were cold and still shaking. I can't thoroughly describe the thoughts and feelings going through my mind at this point. The anticipation was so strong that there were no lucid thoughts at all, actually. I couldn't tell you what 2+2 was. I attempted a couple of deep breaths, but that just made me dizzy. It felt like I was starting to hyperventilate. I rubbed my hands together to warm them. Straightened my back and rotated my neck around. Nothing soothed me. I looked at my watch. It had been four minutes. I rubbed my dick from the outside of my jeans, closed my eyes and attempted to zone out, but I was too wired up for anything but to wait nervously.

After another seven minutes passed (I was eyeing my watch closely), the door opened and in walked Samantha from the reception counter.

"Special delivery, J," she said in a slow, steady voice and handed me an envelope while looking at me, not smiling this time.

I held the envelope and hesitated, waiting for her to leave. "You are to read it to me," she stated firmly.

I held her gaze for a second and then turned to the envelope which I opened and looked inside. There was something black and silk, along with a small folded card. I removed the card and started to read it when Samantha stopped me. "Hold on, J. ALOUD, please."

I looked at her feeling part shame, but also starting to get really aroused. "Yes, Samantha," I said and read the note. "Dear J, Welcome to London. Take your clothes off, turn out the lights and blindfold yourself. Then, on your knees for me, facing the chair. Head down, of course. Signed M."

"What else is in there?"

I reached in and pulled out a black silk scarf and held it up for her to see.

She let out a laugh. "Well, well. No time like the present, I suppose."

"What? Now?"

"I think you know the answer to that. J."

Before I could lose my nerve, I placed the scarf on the table and rotated the chair around so it was facing the door and stood in front of it. My eyes locked onto Samantha's. I took a breath and felt a wave of comfortable bliss wash slowly up my body from my core to my head. My cock was pulsing now, fully erect.

I stared at her and unbuttoned my shirt deliberately. I could feel my eyes darkening and narrowing. I pulled the shirt off and dropped it next to the chair. Then I bent down and removed my shoes and socks, placing them next to my shirt.

My hands reached down to unbuckle my belt, pull it out of the loops slowly and roll it up, placing it on the floor, as well. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and then pulled them down revealing a hard dick behind white boxers. After placing the pants neatly on the pile I slid my boxers down and took them completely off, revealing myself completely nude in front of her. I was shaved smooth, cock standing at attention to the beautiful woman in front of me. I stood for a moment and we just stared at each other, waiting to see who would speak first.

"Blindfold," she said in a low voice. I reached onto the desk for the strip of silk and wrapped it tightly around my eyes and knotted it twice in the back. Then I turned from Samantha to the chair and knelt prostrate. She stood still for about a minute and then I heard her footsteps retreating as she turned off the lights and left, closing the door behind her.

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